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Fête du Pain - France

Type: Festival
Tags: bread, food, France
City: Paris, France
Address & Details:

The Bread Festival in France is held every year in mid May. In large cities there may be tents to hold displays and events. Usually in smaller towns the festival is held in a community hall, various bakeries, the town square or city hall.

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The bread festival in France is a country wide celebration of a wonderful creation. Artists, bakers and painters get together and display bread in ways never before. The bread festival is held in almost every town and city. You may find that a local baker is giving free classes or decorating bread as if it were art. In large cities you may find a tent with displays demos and lots of samples.

This is a great opportunity to experience a staple of French food, meet locals and travelers and learn a lot. There are no fees unless you want to buy some bread to take home. There are sometimes small games and rides for young children.

Though it is a small festival, if your in France in mid May try to check out what is going in the town you are in. You would be surprised by what you may learn.