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Favorite Military Museums
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Military history is one of my big reasons for traveling and I am curious if anyone has any museums or monuments to recomend that I may have not seen.

By far the best WWII museum I have seen is in Diekirk, Luxembourg. Diekirk is a small town and the museum (Musee D’Histoire) is relatively small as well, but it is packed with probably every infantry weapon that was used (Allied & Axis), some tanks and artillery too. It had all kinds of awords from american military clubs and even a couple of presidents. The best part is that most of the stuff looks like it was just used.

I also like the Arsenal Museum in Vienna. You can see the car, and the bloody uniform, that Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in, in Sarajevo 1914.

In Paris, Les Invalides has an extremely large collection of mostly Napoleonic and earlier french military stuff(too much for me). It was worth it to see historic items like Charles de Gaulle’s cap and Napoleon’s death mask. Napoleon’s tomb is there too.