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FIFA 17: Arsenal Kit for 2016/17 season Leaked

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City: Marseilles, France
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The gunner fans are currently are on shock as their supposedly kit for 2016/17 has been leaked in FIFA 17 forums. An image with game like background has been going viral in Football and Gaming social media sites but there is no way of knowing if the image is real.

No official source has been linked with the image but the status of the leak is of such stature that we cannot ignore the possibility.

Previously, the new Premier League logo was released to the public which confirmed that UFIFA17Coins would be the official PL logo in FIFA 17. The same logo is in this image which gives it a little credibility.

Arsenal has had a super season this term with a real chance at finishing at the top. And, with this image rumoring the Gunner World, Arsenal is a huge topic among every football fan.

The reaction from social media about the kit is mixed FIFA Coins. While many Gunner fans love the kit, many believe it to be totally hideous.

What do you think about this kit? Do you want to see this kit in FIFA 17?