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SINA sports news and everyone knew about the night of April 30 the Manchester Derby will decide the Premier League title battle of Kings mountain,top fifa coins both Sir Alex Ferguson and the Mancini also expressed determination to win all remaining games, but in football, you never know what will happen in the next I hope that this is a significant day, we’ve turned the players showed great fighting back energy and willpower. We do not become nervous, we have Championship experience, the team will keep moving forward, to see this momentum is very welcome. ”

Ferguson has a very important words, Yes, it’s “winning experience.” Now the Premier League title race has come into heat and psychological state of the coaches and players will be the key factors affecting the trend of champion. As Ferguson says Manchester United team was “nervous”, is because they have been in a similar position, know how to deal with the pressure of a Championship. As for Manchester City, although they have a more luxurious side, there is a serie a champion’s coach Roberto Mancini, like da Silva, Sergio Aguero, Toure world series, a large number of experienced test players, but when it comes to the Premier League title race, is another matter.

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel’s words might be used to explain the experience in title race played a key role in the process, he said in an interview with Manchester United’s official website: “when it comes to 3、4、5yue, radio and television are talking about the Championship situation, it’s a cruel thing, but it’s also inevitable. Whenever the media discussion of the team’s loss came to a end of the world, this time of year players are shouldering the heavy pressure, you should not do is when you lose points to major news headlines, these pressures are upon you. Manchester United’s advantage here, if you’ve never experienced this, then you’ll believe what you see on the news. Under Manchester United on many occasions in a similar situation, they know even if they lose points, they also know how to become a champion, this is the decisive factor. This is a winning team of temperament, but Manchester City are never going to do that. “Experience is absent in Manchester, not only the players, fans, too. On 83 minutes after conceding in Manchester, a Manchester City fan at the scene immediately to weep, can also be a reflection of pressure from Manchester United against Manchester City. And Dang United fans through Stadium scoring brand learned that Manchester City behind of news Shi, at Old Trafford immediately on became has celebrated of marine, fans of face Shang except full with joy, also has seems to all are do in master of confident, because also of plot, they has in Chelsea (micro Bo), and Newcastle, and arsenal (micro Bo), and Liverpool (micro Bo) body see had has, United in League in the of turned on they, has became has a habits.