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Final Fantasy XIV - Rage of Halone

Travelogue Entry
City: Paris, France
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I tanked it as PLD and we had the following lineup; WHM, BRD, BLM. I do the first pull and I simply only do the 1st group (as I like to gauge my team prior to pulling big). Now usually, when I pull, I start with Shield lob, do a flash, fast blade, savage blade, FoF, CoS, Rage of Halone. I spread out the hits across the 1st three targets. This usually causes me absolutely no issues keeping hate and I just continue my rotation with my enmity combo from here. Nope. Not this time. Now, you’d probably think it’d be the BLM giving me a run for my money. It wasn’t. It was the WHM. My god, this person loved Holy. My thoughts:

First Holy: oh, he’s using holy, great.
Second Holy: huh, two in a row. Cool.
Third Holy: uh, I think I should flash again.
Fourth Holy: What the what?! Why’s he’s still using it?! FLASH, FLASH!!!

I didn’t really mind this, but it was simply surprising to see a WHM holy so many times in a row. But nothing went wrong with the pull what-so-ever. So we proceeded and the next few mobs, he didn’t do that anymore (just the occasional 1 holy). Then we get to the 1st boss. I do my usual routine. If the healer doesn’t apply stoneskin, I do (and in this case, he did not). And then I pop Divine Veil with my macro that very clearly says, “Using Divine Veil. Please heal me to activate.” So now I’m waiting. 10 seconds go by. I jump up and down hoping he’s just not paying attention.
Then when it hit 15 seconds, I type in, “Pls heal me”.

He says, “Why”
“It activates my ability”
“It’s just the 1st boss”
Divine Veil is over. Ugh. I just say, “It expired, I’ll explain it later” and then pull the boss.

Then I notice, the BLM has a big red circle of D/C over him. You gotta be kidding me… So he’s standing there. We’re playing as we should. Then of course, extremely bad breath is right on top of him. Healer doesn’t notice he’s D/C’ing and is trying to heal him through it. It doesn’t work, BLM goes down and healer follows soon after since we can’t kill all the balloon things and they’re exploding on us. Boss is probably half hp. I decide (stupidly), eh, maybe I can try to just keep goring blade up and constantly get MP from riot blade along the way and heal us (it didn’t work without FFXIV Gil). So we respawn and the healer immediately says “BLM, wanna try not standing in the AoE’s?” I assume he just didn’t see the disconnect (and it’s now been about 6-7 minutes since he’s been D/C’ing). I mention he was D/C’ing and that maybe we should boot. The vote is done and he’s gone. Then I simply tell the healer, “before boss pulls, I use Divine Veil because it has a short radius and it’s easy to apply beforehand. It’s just a 30 second shield with 10% of my hp added to you, but it won’t activate unless you heal me “

I put the damn smiley in there so he wouldn’t see through my seething hatred that he ignored it last time.

His answer… “It’s just the 1st boss, we don’t need it”. Honestly. This is true. But by damn, it has such a long CD. It’s one. Freaking. Cure. Just do it.
“Any mitigation is helpful though “ (notice I’m still using smiley’s to hide my frustration)

So now, I simply do not like our healer’s attitude. But I need him to, you know, heal me. We get a 4th, a MCH. We take out the 1st boss just fine. Healer even healed me when I used Divine veil this time (though he waited until I said something again 15 seconds in). Make it to the 2nd boss with a slight complication right before the boss (i got hit by final sting, too many wasps used it and we were simply trying to burn the wall and bolt for it). I was the only one who died and I just booked it over after. 2nd boss, I use Divine Veil again. He healed me this time within the 1st 10 seconds. Yay, he’s getting it.

Here’s where it got fun. We kill the 1st bunch just fine. Then the 2nd pull comes. Now. I’ve had my fair share of wipes here doing big pulls on the 2nd part. So usually, I try to cut it down a bit just so we don’t bother with the wipe. So I hit the tree guy and am staying there. I see the WHM running away and not healing me. Ugh, ok fine, guess he wanted a bigger pull, fine. I pull the tree guy to the next area and do the next mob there. Doing my thing. WHM is out of my screen view though, but don’t think anything of it. Until. I suddenly see bears. He picked up the bears and brought them to me. What a wonderful gift.

I start flashing away to pull the aggro since my CoS is on CD and all the while, dodging the already numerous amounts of AoE’s on the ground aimed at me. Of course, I’m popping my defensive CD’s. Then it got a little rocky at one point (was down to 300 hp), so I pop Hallowed Ground. Healer got me back up in hp. Now at this point, I have used up Rampart, Foresight, Sentinel, convalescence, bulwark hallowed ground, and sheltron (sheltron multiple times). I’m out of defensive CDs and we’ve only killed the big tree guy. My thought process at this point.

“Oh boy. I pop awareness now, because, uh, why not. Guess tempered will won’t hurt too. I dunno, I’m desperate. Divine Veil is available again! I might die, so guess I can use that to give a buffer to the DPS.”

Of course, I’ve been flashing a lot and using CoS whenever I could to keep aggro as well as my enmity rotation. Now I will say. This healer was doing well. He has kept me up and with this many enemies hitting me for this long, it was obvious he was good. But god did I hate him at this moment. I had to start kiting to stay alive until we got the 2 lowest hp killed. Then it was manage-able. But of course, manage-able for me means “let’s spam holy again” for the WHM. My MP is already low from the multitude of flashes I had to do to hold hate prior. We get through it. I didn’t lose hate. Last group before the boss. The trees. Thank god (or so i thought). Holy spam again. Right off the bat too. I’m probably exaggerating a bit, but it seriously felt like it went like this.
Fast blade
Savage blade
“oh god, I’m gonna lose hate on 2 of them if I don’t flash.”
Fast blade
Riot Blade

Continue until mob dies. I’m pretty sure he put in a heal or 2 in there as well. Last boss practically flawless. I left hating that healer. Mostly because he was a damn good healer. But that attitude. Ugh.