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Five Best Party Cities in Europe

With such a wide variety of cultures within a stone’s throw of each other, the party scene in Europe is strikingly diverse, fresh and exciting. From trendy to edgy, here are the five not-to-miss party cities in Europe.

  1. London. The city on the Thames has a legendary party scene with an endless supply of drinks and dancing. Countless clubs operate throughout the city hosting parties from a wide variety of promoters. From grunge to dub step, the music is pounding all night long, but be aware that the Tube doesn’t run all night (like you do) and you may need to resort to a dodgy mini cab to get home. Even so, London is the “gateway drug” to Europe’s endless party.
  2. Ibiza. If the Brits aren’t partying it up in London, then they are dancing on the beaches of Spain. Specifically, Ibiza. This island east of mainland Spain has some of the best clubs in Europe hosting the biggest DJ’s and MC’s. Party all night, sleep on the beach and do it all over again tomorrow.
  3. Mykonos. The desert island several hours by ferry from mainland Greece is a continuous, summer long beach party. If you’re able to negotiate the streets — with hordes of young Greeks and Italians flying by on mopeds — you will find party havens outside of the main city at places like Paradise Beach. Thumping to the rhythm of smooth beats during the day, some of the most stunning Europeans lay on the sand soaking up the sun (with or without clothes) before heading to the clubs at night. These impressive clubs lead to big name DJ’s as well as big ticket prices.
  4. Berlin. Unpretentious, laid-back and artsy, Berlin’s party scene is always on the edge of innovation. The German capital greets the traveler with a no bullshit “hallo” and an in your face attitude. Experimental, innovative and unique venues and parties abound and stay with you even long after you have left.
  5. Amsterdam. No list of European party cities would be complete without including the city of liberation, Amsterdam. Pick your poison in the Venice of the north, but try avoiding the canals and trams while stumbling home from the coffeshop or club.

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