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Found cheap flight but worried about the connections...
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I found a R/T ticket from Pittsburgh-Frankfurt for $750 (May 8-31 2011) and I was wondering if I have enough time in Toronto to get through security/customs. My flight looks like this

Pittsburgh(USA) depart 3:15pm
Arrive @ Toronto 4:27pm
Depart Toronto 5:30pm
Arrive Frankfurt 7:00am next day

This only gives me an hour to catch my connection in Toronto. With flying from the US to Canada and then to Europe I am unsure about how customs/security works. I found a similar flight which has a 2+ hour layover in Toronto but the price jumps to $868. Is the 1 hour in between flights on the first one enough time?

I am leaving from Pittsburgh, PA USA with $2750 for 22 days
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I have not connected via Canada (that I recall?). Coming back, you will actually pre-clear US Customs and Border in Canada—a program that they do in Canada and Ireland for US-bound passengers. Outbound however… not sure. If you’re treated as a transit passenger, then you should be fine if your flight from PIT is on time.

Curious… Why are you booking so early? I think you’ll do as well, and possibly better, if you sign up for sale alerts and book it by next March or April—maybe earlier if a really good sale fare pops up. Farecompare and Airfarewatchdog have good sale alert systems.

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Furthermore, the flight times are almost guaranteed to change.
So you might book a terrible connection, or a great connection, but by May it will be something else anyway.

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I think it a bit risk,

Do You go with checked baggage? If yes, I think it would not enough time.

Another thing, is your flight can be only on May?
I found some cheaper flight but it depends on date.

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That is a tight connection, but as Traveler says, it might well change, and either be great or be terrible.
We’ve had to connect in Toronto a couple times.
One time we missed our connection, but that was Alitalia’s fault, and Air Canada whisked us to the next flight, everything was fine.
Customs was easy—but this was before 9/11, and we just had backpacks.