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Alright i really need your help, I and a buddy are over iraq, and are planning our leave for germany. We arent dumb rude americans, so help us out. All we are looking for is a great place to have fun and drink, we are 25 and just want to have a blast on leave. We have been reading through the forums, and searching the internet for about a month now. We were thinking of going to hamburg germany, it sounds like they have a street that is great for partying. plus they are having some party or festival during the time that we are there, which is may 3- may 16.

Ok so anyways to get to the point, we are planning on comming to germany with no plans really, we want to stay in a hostel at least one night, and just have a blast the whole time we are there. I know everyone has there own thoughts, but i would really like to hear your guys thoughts, of places we should hit up, we are completely open to everything. Last thing I still havent been able to find the drinking hours in germany, how late can one drink?

Thank you very much for any help John