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Getting around in the Ukraine
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My girlfriend and I are planning a trip across some Eastern European countries this summer and we’re going to start in the Ukraine – Kiev. I’ve found shitloads of useful information online (e.g.: offers some really good travel tips and hostels) but some personal travel experiences would be more than helpful. Is anyone out there who has been there and can recommend (cheap) places to stay, the best places to be and the easiest way to get around?

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Train is probably the easiest way to get around much of Ukraine, but there are a number of areas that don’t have good rail service. The roads are awful, so bus travel is uncomfortable. We spent most of our time in Kharkiv, near the Russian border. Subway or tram is best within any of the cities.

We stayed in hotel Andres in Kiev, but you may find an apartment cheaper and more comfortable. A lot of the hotels get their hot water from the city’s central boiler plant, which shuts down for maintenance for a couple of weeks in the summer…….

I’d make an effort to get to Crimea. We particularly enjoyed Yalta and Livadiya. We stayed at the hotel Bristol near the promenade in Yalta. It was quite inexpensive — although we probably paid the rate charged to Ukrainians as opposed to what tourists Pay. To Yalta, it’s train to Simferopol and then trolley or cab to Yalta.

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hey-hey!!!ukraine is my country ask anything you want to know)))Geting in and around is easy, we have all kinds ofg transport, and yes, old lady, a train would be the best option if to travel around small towns beacause ukrainian roads are pretty complicated^)