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Getting from Toronto to Greece and back
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My roommate and I are looking into doing a pseudo back-packing trip in Greece to visit Athens and do some island-hopping. However, the flight fares seem to be monstrous. So far, direct flights are looking like anything from $1200-1400. I’ve looked at sifting through different websites and have looked into going through London or Brussels, or taking a bus down to Buffalo first then taking a flight out of the US. I was just wondering if anyone has been able to find anything affordable and preferably coming out of Toronto? We can land just about anywhere in Greece as we can use local transportation from there on out. We’re both on a tight budget, students and under 26 years old.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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That’s a typical fare to Greece in Summer… assuming Summer is when you need to travel? What are your travel dates? How flexible on dates? Where have you already checked? Have you tried the links and strategies in our new user thread—at the top of cheap flights forum?

A quick search for you, guessing outbound in June(?), and stay about 6-8 nights(?) turned up $578 YYZ>MAN or BHX nonstop on June 14, then ATH>YYZ nonstop June 21 with Air Transat. Same price to MAN or GLA June 16, same return. In addition, $579 to Hamburg, return from Athens using Jun 16-23.

One ways from Manchester, for example, to Greece in June: http://www.skyscanne…

Also, YYZ>ATH Jun 13-21 nonstop both ways $774 Air Transat; or $872 Jun 24-Jul 2.

These found with ITA, confirmed with Kayak.