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Giant Eurotrip 2013
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Firstly, thanks for this awesome site. I’ve learned a lot and am making heavy use of the trip planner.

I’m planning a large solo Eurotrip for early 2013 (January, most likely). Planner: http://www.eurotrip….

While I’m doing heavy research into many western/central European destinations, I would love your recommendations. I don’t want to be constrained to large cities, as many country/coastal destinations are terrific spots as well (but harder to find). My main interests are history, sightseeing, and adventure items, though if there’s a famous beer spot in town I’d be sure not to pass it by.

As you can see on my current planner, I’m a bit overloaded on large cities. Perhaps a nice combination of cities in each country? Or an addition of some countries (Croatia?) I can easily expand the timeframe out to two months.

Thanks so much for this site.

I am leaving from Cincinnati with $5000 for 32 days
Dublin, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Munich, Interlaken, Venice, Florence, Rome
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Some thoughts based on your current itinerary…

Ireland: a very good place to get out of town…. Dublin is a decent city and you’ll love it at the beginning of your trip. By the end of your trip it would be “just another city.” Ireland is easy to get around by train and bus (and also a good place to rent a car, if your budget allows a splurge) so research a 2 or 3 day loop or at least some day trips from Dublin.

London — incredible history in and around. We enjoyed a couple of days in and around Dover for the history — from 1066 through the cold war. There are dozens of interesting day trips from London.

I’d try to work in Belgium for the beer. Easy to get to from either Amsterdam or Paris. Try Brugges for a quaint (although touristy) alternative to urban Brussels, although a day in Brussels for chocolate, a waffle, a day and evening view of the medieval square and to gape at the jaw-droopingly huge EU headquarters — a real tribute to bureaucracy on steroids. Brugges is Flemish, Brussels is French in terms of culture and language. Besides the medieval history, there’s Bastogne and the Ardennes for WWII history.

Time in Croatia and Slovenia would be a wonderful addition. Both are scenic and incredibly easy to navigate in English-only..

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If you’re into history, you would probably enjoy the Venetian influence found along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia up through the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro.
The San Marco Lion is all over the place.