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Good Deals from San Francisco to London (Europe)
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I am graduating from a 4 year university and some of my friends and myself wanted to take a Eurotrip from late March (26th) to mid April (11-15th). I wanted to see if someone can help us with some information. We want to land in London and leave from Athens or Rome.

How much on average the ticket price is during that time?

What are the best website to look for deals?

Are the fare going to get cheaper?

What is the best and cheapest way of transportation within European countries ie. England, France, Italy, Rome, Amsterdam, Prague, and Athens. On average what is the cost of a fairy to travel from Rome to Athens?

Thank you for all your help in advance.

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While I check fares from SFO all the time I’m not sure what to expect for SFO-LON, ATH-SFO because I don’t check Athens that much, but I do know it will be more expensive than say SFO to London and flying home from Amsterdam, Paris, Rome etc. For SFO to London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Rome and other major airports you should reasonably expect anything from the mid $500’s if there’s a sale, to the mid-high $700’s. The time you’re planning to travel is weird right now. Most available sales are for travel through mid or late March (British Airways just announced a sale through March 26 a couple of days ago), so you might want to wait a couple of weeks and see if a sale for travel into April pops up.

It sounds like you might be trying to cram in a bit too much for your allotted time, depending on how many cities you’re trying to visit in each of the countries you mentioned. Also, many folks here will tell you that Athens is not really worth the time and money to get there.

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Sample one-way nonstop sale fares to London between Feb. 4 – March 18:
New York City (JFK or EWR) …$209*
Washington D.C. … $219*
San Francisco … $239*
Los Angeles … $249*
Las Vegas … $249*
Sample one-way nonstop sale fares to London between March 29 – May 23:
Boston … $279*
New York City (JFK or EWR) …$288*
Washington D.C. … $289*
San Francisco … $330*
Las Vegas … $388*
Other departure markets on sale include Miami and Orlando.
The lowest fares are available Monday through Thursday, and a Saturday night stay is required. An advance purchase of 14 days for $209 fares and seven days for other fares is also required.