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Help with Eurorail!
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Hello all,

So i have a big trip that i just started planning and saving for. I am going next mid april til mid june. Going to ireland, england, paris, italy, switzerland, denmark, belgium, austria, greece, sweden…2 months… most places i am staying 3-4 days but Italy and Switzerland there are about 4 cities in each country I would like to visit so I am staying in Italy for 9 days and switzerland for 14. Flying in to London, England then want to head to Dublin then Dublin to paris and all around Europe from there. Is the Eurorail 2 month pass the right choice for me? Will i have to pay extra fees when I board? like reservation fees, or luggage fees. Or is there another option for me? I am under 26 so i will be considered a youth. Any suggestions? Also and suggestions on air travel for my travel between london, dublin and paris and then catch the train in paris. I hear ryanair is good but then charges you major fees before you board the plane…. any advice???

I am leaving from calgary, alberta, canada with $5500 for 63 days
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Is the Eurorail 2 month pass the right choice for me?
Try putting your itinerary in Follow the “I have a good idea of my itinerary” route and click “I prefer using railpasses (to point to point tickets) ‘only when it saves money.’” IMO, a consecutive day pass is usually not the best option. I’d seriously look at a 15 day flexipass and possibly some point to point tickets.
Will i have to pay extra fees when I board? like reservation fees, or luggage fees.
Generally, no. If you choose to take a specific train that requires a reservation, then you have to buy a reservation — usually 4 or 5 euros, but a few of the premier, name trains are as high as 20 euros. All overnight trains require reservations (from about 5 euros for a seat, 20 to 40 euros for a couchette berth, on up for fancier, more private, accommodations). Express trains between major cities often require reservations, but you can usually avoid those by taking slightly slower regional and local trains, but you’ll probably end up taking at least a few trains that require reservations. The only extra charge for baggage would be for something huge like a bicycle,