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Hi…my friends and I are planning a 2 month trip to Europe and don’t really know where to start.  We are flying in from Toronto (YYZ) and we want to visit the following places: England, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Amsterdam (for a weekend), Ireland (maybe at the end).  We are wondering what the best route would be and what the best within-europe travel options are (ex: fly vs. euro-rail).  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!  Thanks!!
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I’ve always been pro-train, but with the price of these flights its hard not to fly.  The train is still the best way to see the country-side.  I’ve also ONLY had good luck with No-frills flights in Europe. Ryanair Germanwings and Airberlin have all been great.

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The cheapest flights from Toronto that I’ve seen in a long time are outbound in May from www.canadian-affair…. Some of those are C$99 roundtrip + taxes. Transportation and lodging will be your biggest expenses, so locking in cheap flights is a good way to start. Consider also how long you’d like to stay in these places, what’s your budget, and what your must-sees are in each place. You’d probably want to to fly to Greece, Italy, and maybe Spain. Once know how long you’d like to stay, and what your budget is, you can start deciding if plane or train makes more sense.