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Help OW Newark to Germany
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Hey all, I’ve been looking for about a month for a dirt cheap one way flight from Newark to Germany on or around May 21st/22nd. I’ve looked at all of the sites people have suggested including cheapoair, bookerbuddy, sidestep, ytb, and many, many, many others. Are there any secret ones I don’t know about??

Thank you!

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try hopping on air india.. jfk to heathrow is $263CAD! or try air indias newark&gtaris(cdg) for $288CAD or you could try Aer Lingus.. JFK flys to amsterdam, paris, frankfurt, berlin, dusseldorf, vienna munich or hamburg for $400CAD! they are good deals!

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ITA: cheapest, closest to your dates, 17th or 24th $456 Singapore Airlines, n/s JFK-FRA. When I click this date, it also turns up Aer Lingus (with connection via DUB) at $414, also from JFK.

Do you have European passport? If not, then work, study or residence permit? Without, you likely won’t be allowed to board on a one-way ticket, unless you have proof of onward travel from the Schengen zone within 90 days.

I see $206 on the 20th, Delta JFK-Dublin nonstop. From there, to Bremen on May 21st, 25€ tax incl. Delta set to arrive 07:25 a.m.; Ryanair set to depart 11:50 a.m., and this is normally plenty of time cushion for a connection on 2 separate tickets. Beware the excess baggage fees with Ryanair.

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I agree with the Master(Don) on this one…  While you can get “dirt cheap” flights out of both EWR & JFK that time of year, I would take the Air Singapore direct JFK-FRA flight.  Singapore Airlines has been rated #1 in service and overall comfort by many travel-related publications, for several years running.  They usually fly the newer 747-400 “Megatop” on this leg, which is an impressive aircraft.  They are well-staffed, the female flight attendants are all young, beautiful, nice, well-mannered, and dressed in gorgeous silk gowns.  They treat coach passengers as well as those upstairs.  Also, this flight (I have taken it 2 times) is not always full, so you can stretch-out somewhere.

I am leaving from EWR with $4000 for 9 days