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2 replies
HI insurance vs. supplemental
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I just got my HI card and it comes with a very basic insurance plan. I was wondering if i should buy more health insurance to supplement the plan? and is that is even an option? I know the amount of insurance you get is subjective and depends on a number of factors, but is getting more of just the medical part of insurance coverage hard and expensive? STA travel gave me a quote of 255$ for three months of medical and personal belongings coverage, but i don’t know if thats a good deal or not. The last question i have regards electronic equipment. I am bringing my nikon D40, my flip video camera and my ipod,(a total of about 1000$ worth of gear), and i definitely want it insured. is there insurance i can get for just my “stuff”? at the end of the day, id like a decent health coverage, and great personal belongings coverage. I also don’t have medical coverage in the states, does that change my options?

I am traveling for 328 days
Dublin, Budapest
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How long will you be abroad?


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Does anyone know where one can insure their camera equipment on a policy seperate from a homeowner/renters insurance? Something like a personal articles floater or inland marine policy?

I plan on traveling with $900 worth of camera equipment, and I was hoping to enjoy my little get-away with the peace of mind that if anything does happen, I’m covered.

I thank you in advance for your speedy replies, as I will be departing Saturday night.

I am leaving from Chicago, IL with $1200 for 29 days
London, Paris, Bordeaux, Nice, Turin, Milan, Venice, Athens
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