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holidays and fun in Spain
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How about 1 week where all expenses are covered for!?
Do you want to learn about Spain and its culture in a relaxed environment?

Vaughan Systems’ “Englishtown” – a language immersion course run in the countryside: Valdelavilla (Soria) and Gredos (Avila)is what you are looking for!!
More than 1,450 English natives have volunteered since 2001. Seven 7 intense day programs and over 100 hours of conversation is all the Spaniards need to overcome their fears and improve their English comprehension and communication skills.

while learning about Spain and its culture in a friendly environment.

This is for social and inquisitive travellers from USA, UK, IRELAND, AUSTRALIA, & NEW ZEALAND who want to learn about Spain, it’s culture in a relaxed and outdoor environment. Exchange your love for your own language, for a week’s accommodation!! You have to get yourself to Madrid, cover cost of flight and hotel before or after the program and Vaughan covers the rest. We invite you to read further on: www.vaughanvillage.c… Or EMAIL for more information:

Maria Goyanes