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Tags: Hostels
City: Paris, France
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I have been to Paris many times, which is why I am starting off there. It is familiar and filled with great memories and wanted to begin my trip on solid ground I guess. However, I found out that the hostel I love, the place I have stayed since 1996 every time I come to town has gone a bit down hill. I read review after review about bed bugs, run down rooms, unclean areas and surly staff. I have to say it broke my heart a little as this was my little home away from home. But it also got me to look at other hostels and to research more the places I would be staying in each city. I checked our the Hoscar Awards (best hostel awards and found a few there) as well as visiting the BUG backpacker site – which was really helpful.

I will be staying with 2 friends along the way. In Annecy, I am staying with Cynthia (my good friend from high school who moved to France years and years ago and now has 2 sons that I am very excited to meet). And I am staying with Lars when I go to Munich. My husband and I met Lars at a wedding this past year in Ireland and I’m really looking fwd to seeing him again. I was going to stay at Wombats in Munich, but instead I’ll be heading to Lars’ home and meeting his family and spending the night there which is very kind of them.

When looking for a place to stay in each city, this is what I wanted in order of preference:
1 Clean
2 Safe
3 Friendly / Fun
4 Central

And after a few days looking at more reviews and websites than I would like to ever do again – this is where I will be staying:

St Christopher’s Inns (Paris)
Cynthia’s home in Annecy (thank you Cynthia)
Academy Hostel (Florence)
Lars home 50 miles outside Munich (no sure where yet)
The Circus Hostel (Berlin)
The Bulldog Hostel (Amsterdam)