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I am going to Europe for the first time this summer and I am already loving it. Just researching different countries is getting me really excited about the trip. I am starting graduate school as soon as I get back to California and I am jealous of those who have lived in Spain, France, etc. and worked for a couple of months during the summer. How do you learn about opportunities to live an work abroad? I would love ot be able to spend a summer in a country and learn more about it, rather than jumping around from country to country seeing as much as possible in a few weeks. Plus, I think by living in Spain, I could improve my spanish. I would just be worried that I wouldn’t want to come back.

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Many US universities have exchange programs with European Universities and many European Universities have unaffiliated exchange programs, but all the programs are generally not cheap and you have to be able to support yourself in most cases. Some countries allow, foreigners with an education visa to work part time. But you have to check this out on a country-by-country basis.

Some people I know have taken their post-graduate education at Euro-Unis in programs that offer english-language prost-grad educations.

Start doing your research when you start up. It takes a lot of planning and some cash.

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Almost every university has partnerships with universities in the whole world. so just go to your office of international programs, they will help you to find the right program for you and tell you about scholarships.
when you participate in a program you normally have to pay your tuition fees at your university but you don’t have to pay for tuition in Europe.
Have fun abroad!

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BUNAC is a way for American university students to work in the UK for a max of 6 months. We’ll be posting a podcast interview with some people from Bunac today or tomorrow. Be sure to listen!

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