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Late to the thread but I think it’s important to clarify what about this situation the community is likely to be mad about:

First and foremost, the GM team had access to name reservation prior to all of the other players who bought their Founder’s Packs. It doesn’t matter whether it was Naruto or Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, the GMs should not have been able to reserve names before the public. Instead they should have been required to compete with all other players for the names.

Secondly, while players were allowed a maximum of two names regardless of how much they paid with Blade And Soul Gold, GMs had access to seven names of their choosing. When considering they could get all these seven names before any other player, it becomes even worse.

The behaviour of the GM Team can be seen as not being very professional in regards to this issue. NCElusive’s satirical comment on the dojo (http://www.bladeands…) without any prior attempt to address the unfairness can be seen in a negative light.

Youmukon’s tweet (…) is a very bad PR move, as if the Community Managers don’t care for the public’s opinion on the topic then will they care for the community’s problems while doing their job?

Though the names might not have been the most original, tweets such as… suggest that the CM in question did not even really want many of the other Cheap Blade And Soul Gold, taking away the ability of other players who were dedicated to logging in as fast as they could (and paid over 100 bucks) to try and claim their names.

Ultimately this isn’t about the GM team taking some anime names. It’s about the overwhelming amount of favoritism in regards to the name reservation, which is a feature that is advertised on the packs that people had to pay money for. That and the initial response to the entire issue.