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How to get Vietnam Work Permit Re-issuance?
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According to Vietnamese law, an REMOVED for a legal entity in Vietnam for a period of three months or more must obtain a work permit from the local Department of Labor, War Invalids, and Social Affairs (“DOLISA”).
Non – Requirements for Some cases of Foreign Citizens (Expats) to gett REMOVED
Foreigners working in Vietnam must have a work permit, except the following cases:
a/ Foreigners entering Vietnam to work for a period of less than 03 (three) months;
b/ Foreigners who are members of limited liability companies with two or more members;
c/ Foreigners who are owners of one-member limited liability companies;
d/ Foreigners who are members of Boards of Directors of joint stock companies;
e/ Foreigners entering Vietnam to work as service salespersons;
f/ Foreigners entering Vietnam to deal with urgent circumstances, such as complicated technical and technological incidents and problems that affect or threaten to affect production and business but fall beyond the handling capacity of Vietnamese specialists and foreign specialists who are currently present in Vietnam.
g/ Foreign lawyers who possess licenses to practice law in Vietnam which are granted by the Ministry of Justice in accordance with law.
h/ A foreigner working as Head of Representative Office, Head of Project Office or a foreigner assigned to represent all activities in Vietnam by foreign non-government organization;
j/ A foreigner having internal transfer within an enterprise, in the service scope in the commitment service table of Vietnam with World Trade Organization with 11 services, including: business service; information service; construction service; distribution service; education service; environmental service; financial service; health service; tourism service; service of entertainment culture and transportation service;
k/ A foreigner coming Vietnam to supply consulting service on professional knowledge and technique or implement other tasks serving to research, build, appraise, monitor and evaluate, manage and process programs, projects that use Official Development Assistance (ODA) in accordance with regulations or agreements in international treaty on ODA signed between authorized Vietnam agency and foreign agency;
l/ A foreigner licensed to operate in information and newspaper sector in Vietnam by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in accordance with legal regulations;
m/ Other cases in accordance with the Prime Minister’s regulations.” *Requirements for Foreign Citizens (Expats) to get REMOVED
In all cases where there is no work permit required, the employer has to inform the local DOLISA at least seven days in advance* – The full name – Date of birth – Nationality – Passport number – Dates of commencement and termination of work and the nature of the work, – Criminal record check, – Standard form curriculum vita, – Health certificate – Proof of specialist or highly technical qualifications or Documents from an authorized body in the employee’s home country certifying their minimum five years specialized experience if such foreigners have no proof of qualifications.

To Report Vietnam Work Permit Exemption Support Authorization(Official Work permit Exemption Report from Vietnam), Please please come to REMOVED for more assistance.

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Well this is odd. Vietnam is now in the EU? Boy, Turkey must be livid!!!

(Side note—user banned for spam and links deleted.)

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