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How much $$$$$$$$ ? ? ?
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Hi I was just wondering how much money most of you left for Europe with as a budget. This does not include money you spent on plane tickets or other expenses. Just the money you put in your bank account or money you used on your credit card once in Europe.

The average BackPacker spends a three month trip in Europe if I’m correct. I spent about that much time as well – 10 weeks to be exact. I had $1500 in the bank. I used all that up plus another $1000 that my DAd put in my bank account while I was in Europe that I received from my tax return. I also ended up using the credit card I brought along for safety. So all in all I spent close to $3000. How much did you spend – and how long of a visit was it? I look forward to your answers.

ps: Know a good way to make some quick extra cash in America for your next trip to Europe? I’m dying here! Trying to save up money, but it takes so much time!