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How much Money should I bring...
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How much money should I bring if I plan to do seven days and six nights in Lisbon, Portugal? I will be booking a combination flight and hotel, so that cost does not need to be included, I am speaking specifically about costs for food, maybe a couple tours, and transport to a beach (if that’s a good idea in Portugal?) and transportation in general (like train and bus/cab rides).

Also, should I bring my debit card? or should I bring straight cash to convert to Euros, or should I bring US$ Traveler’s Checks?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Smile

Thank you,

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My wife and i are goin to europe in the first week of march . Im takin like a 100 bux american (for goin and comin back) and my debit card to withdraw euros …your card should work and exchange for you , but id call your bank and make sure it is 4 sure . i plan on putting 1200 dollars in my account for the trip ( hotel and flight are payed for already) $1200 should give me $1000 in euros. Its all about how you budget your money , id also put some emergency money back just in case . But this is my first trip so i might be way off , but that is what im doing and i hope it helps you a little .

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I traveled Europe before and had my money robbed from my hotel Spain room, I’d advise you to either not carry too much money in one go or spread your money out between you and anyone who is with you, even keeping some money in your shoe is a good safety precaution.

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mike250 wrote:

How much money should I bring if I plan to do seven days and six nights in Lisbon, Portugal?

This post should probably be in the Packing forum, but…

How much do you have? With $100/day, you will get by pretty well considering hotel isn’t included. If you want to be eating in nice restaurants and going out a lot, try closer to $150 a day.

Don’t do traveler’s checks or money exchanges. Usually the ATM will give you the best rate. You can see more info here:

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And from what I hear Portugal is pretty cheap – so you could get by pretty easily on 100 a day.

For example Drinks at a pub/club in Portugal range from 1 Euro to 5 Euro.

You can also be pretty stingy with your money if your on a tight budget.

You could get by easily on 40-50 euros a day not inculding accomm as you have that sorted.

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First read the many post regarding money, atm cards and credit cards on the packing forum. There are so many pages.
After you read all the valuable info, Please don’t be stupid and take large amounts of cash or traveler’s checks!
Traveler’s Checks are outdated! Get with the times!
Taking cash is stupid and leaving it in your hotel room is the worst way to ruin your vacation.
Don’t think just because your door has a lock, that all of your valuables are safe.
With the bad economy all over the world, expect more theft and pickpockets where ever you go in 2009 and 2010, even at Disneyland.
As soon as you arrive at your airport, stop at the ATM and get the local currency. ATM machines are on almost every corner.
All you need is your passport, credit card and atm card to travel. If you forgot something at home, buy it in Europe or do without.
Happy Travels!

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Portugel is a cheap place and i think $150 will be more than enough for one day tour. But before moving you should keep all of your cash , credit cards, debit cards etc in secure bag. Don’t ever rely on anyone for your money.