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4 replies
How should I prepare to work in Europe?
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I’m American, and like the rest of us, I only know English. However, I’m interested in the European standard of living, more specifically the Germanic countries (except England). What should I do to get to work there (I’m still in the pseudo-planning phase since I’m still in Uni). Should I pick one country and learn it’s language (how important is this)? I don’t want to work in the service industry, but in jobs that require intellectual capital, things that require college degrees (business, etc.). Is the best route to work for a US company with an office in Europe?

I’m curious how other Americans do it. I hear about so many of them in like Germany, yet I find it hard to believe they all know German.

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If you’ve got good professional skills that can make you stand out in the crowd then you could work. Language is not a big issue.

If you’re thinking about creating a business or some sort of a company, I think you should read the laws of that specific country.

Also in order to stay and work legally, in Germany for example, you need to have a work or business visa depending on what you’re going to do. Both are not the same. You should read more about visas here:

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Very difficult for Americans to work legally in Europe. Under the table work is very difficult to find as well. You’re right, your best bet is to start working for a company where you might be able to transfer to one of their European locations.

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You are a brave guy. I am afraid this is not possible for me to stay in a country whose language is out of my league. Well, if you have experience then you might don’t have to face many problems.

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I like Europe, But i am bangldeshi ….. I have more interest to work in Europe country …. if i have get one chance i will be happy …… any one can help me about this ? there is boring life in bangladesh … every time passing with political disturb …. there for i like Europe life …. every body pray for us …………. thank all ………