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how to travel from paris to antwerp and amsterdam ?
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Wanted to understand whats the best way to travel if we want to travel from Paris to Antwerp and from there to Amsterdam ? Should we book rail tickets in advance or buy rail passes or buy tickets when we reach Paris ? Again the French train system is a bit confusing as there are so many options ! Considering that the journey is small ( max 2 hrs 15 min ) we are looking at the cheapest way of travelling …

Also wanted help with travel from Barcelona to Madrid ? Should we fly or take a train – again should we book in advance or book when we reach Barcelona ?

This will be our first trip to Europe so we are absolutely clueless !!!

Any advise will be more than welcome …

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I am leaving from Delhi with $3000 for 22 days
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I am doing the same kind of thing as this but VERY soon and I have the same question. I am flying into Paris on June 21 and out of Amsterdam on July 09. I would like to visit Antwerp and/or Brussels in between for a few days and maybe some other cool small places along the way from Paris to Amsterday.

What really is the best way to do this for the least amount of money? I don’t really understand those train passes (5 days out a 2 month period). It is my cousin, my brother and I travelling together and (like my cousin said) it might be nice if we are on a train and we stop somewhere, to get off and stay in that town for a day or something then get back on the train the next day? I was thinking we should just wait until we are there to buy tickets etc but is that really the best way? I also heard flights are cheap.

Any help is VERY much appreciated.

Sorry to post in your topic DHIR but I figured, since we would be pretty much asking the same questiong, that I would just post it here Smile

Thanks all.

I am leaving from Vancouver, BC with $4000 for 21 days
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For Barcelona-Madrid it depends on if you want to travel during the day or overnight. I would most likely do it by train either way, since the new high speed AVE line makes the trip in about three hours, which is less than you’ll spend flying once you figure in getting to/from airports, checking in, and getting your bags once you land. If you book in advance you can take the AVE for as little as 65 euros. If you prefer overnight, sleeping berths can be had for 53 euros.

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Cheapest and best are not closely related for Paris to anywhere in Benelux. Thalys trains are definitely the best, but they’re not cheap. Try to find cheap specials at If you can’t find a cheap fare on a Thalys train, try a slower and more complicated train route by booking with a connection “via Lille.”

I would fly from Paris to Barcelona.. Take the overnight train if you can’t find a cheap flight. Use to see which low fare airlines fly which routes and check our “cheap flights” for more tips and information.