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How to Use Blade & Soul WTFast

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Tags: Blade & Soul
City: Manchester, United Kingdom
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First of all you should be able to notice either if you have 25 or 160 ping since the difference is huge. Maybe try ani canceling with a destroyer or pretty much doing any skill… you shouldn’t be noticing any delay at all if you truly have 25 ping.

And second, ping booster services work when you have a bad ISP or a bad route to the server, or both. I have a couple friends from norway and they all have optic fiber and really, really fast internet connections (I’m jelly of you norwegians!) so these services aren’t needed at all.

Oh and also, sometimes WTFast tells you the ping to the WTFast server you selected Blade & Soul Gold and not your ping to the game, I’m not sure if it’s an error or what, but it happens to me a lot.

what i can see in changes with using WTFast and Battleping is that the remote ports and adresses changes but after i get the a ping like 15 in resource monitor it spikes to 150ish , had the same issue with wildstar but somehow pingzapper worked on that game but it wont work on BnS.

And about pingzapper, it doesn’t work if you try to launch it from the program, but if you set it up in the menu and then just turn the slider “on”, it will be enough. Just start the game normally after doing that and it should pick up the client.exe when it launches if you set it up correctly. To check this, once the game has started open the pingzapper window and check if it says “Game tunneled via…” under the game name in the menu.

what is strange tho is the big leap in latency from the tunneled server to the game server, then you need more Blade And Soul Power leveling, i know people say that the EU server is in Frankfurt but after pinging every IP in the list and looking up their localisation it says that it is in Texas, wich is again strange , becouse if it was i should have even higher ping from norway when i play ?