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How To Use Favorite Places
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Hey all.

Mim and I plan to mostly stay out of the way in this forum.
Favorite Places is a busy category and we and all of the regulars here hope to just keep it spam-free and rolling along smoothly.
Here are a few ways to help:

Please try a Search first. There is a Search button in both corners of the page, prominely upper right, and also here:

Let’s stay on-topic.
If you have questions about flights, please ask in the Cheap Flights forum. If you have questions about Transport, please use that forum. If you have non-Europe questions about the Rest of the World—you know the rest. Off-topic questions will be moved, spam will be deleted.

Please try to make your question as specific as possible.
If you’ve done a search, made sure that you are in the correct forum, and still haven’t come up with anything solid that answers your question, please do post: we are here to help! Your question is more less likely to be lost in the shuffle if you make the subject title as well as the question itself as specific as possible.
Example: A thread with this title: “Trying to decide between France and Italy” might receive more replies than “Where should I go?”
We know you are here to find answers, but if you inform yourself, and us, just a little bit before asking, everyone benefits.
Thank you!