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I expect the same treatment in FFXIV

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City: Fuengirola, Spain
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I’m gonna add my voice to this and yes, I will state that this is me being entitled, and I wont deny it. Whats wrong with feeling entitled when I pay the same amount as everyone else? I expect the same treatment. I understand that eventually down the line we’ll get these specified items. Or maybe we won’t I dunno. Im not SE. Whatever that’s not the issue here. The issue here is fairness in a service that we all pay a fee for. This game is available in several regions and therefore its merchandise, digital or otherwise should be available to all at the same Final Fantasy XIV Gil. There should not be digital promotions like this unless all regions get the same promotion at the same time, with the same reward.

I should also mention while we’re on the subject that all these player guides and books no other region gets that Japan does. They are never translated. So far the only thing offered outside of Japan in that respect is the artbook. How come the other regions don’t get these. There is no official channel from SE to order them either.

If they had released it at the same time but provided NA/EU players cash shop access whereas JP players had to run out to get it, then yes, NA/EU would have an advantage. BUT JP players got access to the items first, so I don’t think it’s all that unfair if NA/EU players have an easier way to obtain them knowing that we had to wait longer. JP players also got RL items along with it (bottled water, etc) whereas NA/EU players would get air.

I honestly didn’t think people would actually notice my 2 cents XD for some who felt i was immature for this post so be it XD some people consider raiding as the end game some making gil and some pvp and for some like me glamour is the real end game XD to each Cheap FFXIV Gil. for the people who saw it how i did i’m glad i wasn’t alone XD and for those people who went ballistic at my original post XD yes i’m an entitled paying customer XD whats nice to know is at the jp forums they actually also think it’s unfair that they got it exclusively so they were voicing that our so we can only hope and wait but most likely it would be after the 7/11 promotions because licensing

Maid outfit – have nothing to do with cash shop. You pay a physical RL item to get the gear as a bonus (drinks in this event). Only complain here is that it is not worldwide. i hope we can get it later as a merchandise bonus (next OST, or a new glamour book?)