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I Haven't Run as Many FFXIV Dungeons

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Admittedly I haven’t run as many dungeons as most people, considering I took a near year and a half break from the game (and decided to pick up tanking when I came back, losing all knowledge I had of the various dungeons themselves o/). (I left like, maybe two weeks after commendations were a thing — not because of it, just coincidental timing).

Either way, I haven’t had any terrible groups yet. By and large I’ll have healers saying I can pull more (I think this was Haukke Manor, where they just mentioned I was practically taking no damage — he mentioned not having to heal me a single time during the first boss of that instance).

When I first started re-running dungeons I did forget about Grit, but I wasn’t having any aggro or survivability issues; I just happened to see it off. And I see some healers spamming Medica when they don’t really need more Cheap FFXIV Gil, but DRK generates a lot of hate so it’s not a big deal to me. I also see the Blizzard spamming BLM’s, but I mostly just care about the thing dying. So long as it dies and no one else died, I’m happy enough.

But most dungeons have gone smoothly, ones that don’t go as smoothly is more me missing a mob here or there and needing to go grab it. Most people I run into are pretty chilled out, one guy in Haukke had probably fifty puns and jokes in his pocket (and yes I commended him).

Generally I don’t go super fast while tanking since I’m new to the role, and I remember having tanks try to speedrun through dungeons back when I was main healing and they didn’t have the stats to pull everything and I’d be spamming everything I could under the sun to keep them alive.

But I have no horror stories of this year. Last year I just remember an angry little SCH who kept “accidentally” blowing me up in Ultima Hardmode when the eruptions target you and you need to run.