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I just dont believe in allowing others to change

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Tags: Riders of Icarus
City: Dublin, Ireland
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Honestly i must say, i’ve been playing video games as early as i remember, I think i can say from my own experience and others that i believe i know what would and wouldn’t work.

But what you guys have done with this game is beyond Comparison you have something special here and when i found this game (about 3 days after it was publicaly released)
I knew i found something special And I plan on sticking with this game and putting all my effort into whatever i can to improve this game and the great community we have around it.

I Believe this will be a great journey. Unless There aren’t any turtles, then i would be sad, because i like turtles. i mean who doesn’t. Carrots are cool too much Riders of Icarus Gold, unless they have that weird color to them which then i think they are bad so it’s porobably best not to eat it ANYWAYS

Well I should’ve said i havn’t been bothered by any. People sometimes are mean. but i dont believe in retaliation If you let people hurt you because they are mean to you, And you end up doing the same to someone else, the cycle keeps going, If you shrug it off and instead react with kindness It Will end that cycle

I just dont believe in allowing others to change how i feel. or what mood im in. Why can’t we all just like turtles and be done with it.

I don’t know much about this community but I was loyal to another mmo for over 200 days of playtime, and one before that for about 130… so this game being able to drag me out of my old comfort zone is astounding, this game is amazing and I am happy to be part of the team o7

Early stages of Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold, the community is pretty toxic, thieves, trolls, etc. It filters out over time, but the forums of any game tend to always be a place you tread lightly on as people explode over anything small.

I find myself in many cases wanting to dislike this game because something to me says “Cheesee”, but I keep running into new situations where the game seems so “Fresh” in it’s ideas and game format that I find myself getting hooked every day and logging back in. The new patches are a continuation of this and I can’t wait to log in and play after reading the notes.