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I'll no doubt get banned in Riders of Icarus

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excuse me for being passionate about a game i paid 90USD for with the dev post saying they took out stuff for NA audiences when its clearly not the case and the biggest problem is still in.

I’ll no doubt get banned for this but you are wielding power too sternly. its the forums people have a right to get Riders of Icarus Gold was they feel on public forums. giving me a sever warning for nothing but speaking my mind i’m clearly getting banned for informing people about the P2W of the game.

good luck people i hope anyone who reads this will take heed and look elsewhere for their mmo fix.

Cream did not say you cannot discuss this topic she simply said to keep this conversation civil and tone it down.
I’m assuming you are an adult as most of us here are. As an adult we should be able to hold a conversation/debate in a civil manner.

I agree with Cream 100% if you cannot talk to others in a forum without name calling or cursing then perhaps nothing should be said at all.
You have to remember just because majority of people in this forum are adults there are some children.

Where I do think in this particular case he did deserve to be forum banned, in the future when the game is in free 2 play mode, AND the pvp zone is released. If the current tempering system is in place I can 100000% guarantee you are either going to be banning like crazy or you’re going to see a lot more of posts like this. @Cream I highly recommend forwarding the concern of players and this issue to the publishing team. I think it has the potential of killing a large player-base. Dead MMO’s drive hardcore players away as well. It’s a slippery slope and I dont want to see this go down the drain.