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I'm having constanly 190ms in Blade And Soul

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Tags: Blade And Soul
City: Berlin, Germany
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It’s unbelievable, a big company such as ncsoft, cant afford it self, to open servers of the demand of their community (we, the small people, which in one way or another) pay their pay check.
I know it’s a free to play game, but we still use the marketing and we spent money inorder to enjoy the game and support them.

but it’s soooo furstrating, having unstable servers! which are located in germany! and not to mention the market in NA!.
I’m having constanly 190ms! it’s unplayable, this game is ping dependable game!, if you check by presentage there are at least 15% of EU from the EAST.
and what’s with the MAINTANCES during the day! change the timing to late at night, so we won’t have to wait 3-4 hours mid-day to cricket play!
you guys know the meme “shut up and take my Blade & Soul Gold!” i think the case here with them is “shut up and give me your money”
for example, the renewl subscription (premium member), they will do whatever they can to put their hands in our pocket!
worst case scenarion, they will refund, if you even noticed!
we want a server of our own, one that we can enjoy the game and fulfil ourselves.

it’s sooo anonnoying losing a match in pvp because of delay reaction!, it’s a fast-coordinated game!
and people with low ping are abusing the animation cancel which makes the game even more unplayable!
and I’m not even talking about the macro users or the bots!, Im playing in the spirit’s rest and i’ve never seen an Admin / GM

please! moderator! dont not delete this topic, but address it to the right people!

This is a great game and I would love to spend more money on it but why would I when I can’t experience the game for not only how it is meant to be played, but not even 50% of how it is meant to be played?

We spent months getting a petition together from here on the official forums and other places like reddit etc. and with no official marketing of the game in the Oceanic/SEA part of the world for this product, we were able to get over 15,000 signs and still they ignored us. 15,000+ signatures with no real marketing, is more then enough to show interest to house at least 1 server and that’s just the people who signed the petition, I couldn’t imagine the potential population if it was marketed in this demographic part of the world, especially seeing that Oceanic and SEA have a large gaming population.

I main a KFM and have no real interest in playing an alternate character and too be honest Blade & Soul Power leveling, I am feeling more and more exhausted trying to play to my best ability with 250ms+ every day, it is a horrible experience to say the least.

Most of the Oceanic/SEA community would be more then happy with a server in SG or even JP, at least our pings would all be around the 70 – 120ms mark.

Don’t hold your breath OP, the Oceanic and SEA demographic part of the world has a potential sales market to over 350+ million people. NCsoft has servers in JP, yet we can’t get a single answer out of them, which just leaves everyone thinking its just a cash grab tactic for their next big title coming down the pipeline.