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IEP / Best Work Abroad Scheme for UK
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Hey guys,
I’m sure this has been answered before (i did do a search etc, but found nothing), sorry if it has, just point me in the right direction.

I’ve just applied for the UK Youth Mobility scheme (2 year work visa), and am thinking about my next step… I leave for the UK in June, and am planning to spend my savings traveling around northern Europe, before going to the UK to work for a few months, then traveling some more; which brings me to my main point – How useful are these work abroad schemes? Here at home (NZ), I’ve never really had much trouble finding work – the longest I’ve been unemployed in the last few years was about a month earlier this year.

I imagine when I’m looking for work over there, I won’t mind what I’m doing, or where I’m doing it – as it’ll only really be a temporary thing. I’ve got a lot of experience in hospitality (bartender+kitchen hand) and doing general labour; I’ve also just graduated with a business studies degree (probably the worst time for a while to be looking for a professional job, hence my OE!).

Anyway, I’m looking at signing up to IEP (…), which is about 250 pounds (NZ$595) and gives me access to the BUNAC network, who will supposedly help me with everything I need to get in to work (UK bank account, tax number, etc.), and are a kind of recruitment company for travelers.

It seems a bit pricey, but I’m thinking it’ll probably save me more than 250 pounds of wasted money/time if i tried to do it all by myself while I’m over there. What are your opinions on such work abroad schemes? Has anyone used IEP/BUNAC specifically?

Thanks in advance for your help

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I don’t know much about the schemes, but the thing to consider is that the UK is in the process of rising unemployment, much like everywhere else. If you are going to be staying in the same place in the UK that would help and also having experience in hotel’s/Bar’s etc would probably be an advantage and your best bet of a job.

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I don’t think that its good to trust for these things to other, better search for more info and you will get it for free Smile

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