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If it was time to move on from bns

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Tags: Blade & Soul
City: New York, NY, United States
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its just sad how Ncsoft will keep ignoring us about the home town of all hackers..
yes soulstone plains to Buy BNS Gold. almost every player near the solders spawns are hackers with speed hack or bots on auto loot..
but whats making my blood pressure rize to the skys is when a stupid hacker on speed hack with a gun grinding on us.
almost 1k solstones can be easily made just from killing us..

i try my best to watch my left and right to spot the hacker so i can not get killed but i always see him when i’m dead..
since this map was added i have never been able to collect more than 70 prestige 70 was my highest record from not dying by these hackers
ncsoft please do your job we report same person for weeks now and he is giving u and us the finger

how can you not ban hackers god i know its not new news but how many times do we need to say it..
your not even banning them and they are now multiplying cuz everyone know your not doing a dam thing

Why do you keep subjecting yourself to the abuse that is ssp ?

There are much less stressful soul stones to be obtained in this game, in a place where you are far less likely to be cheated (you still will be some, just less often – Arena). There are other ways to earn BNS Gold, with this you can purchase moonstones. You could spam the new battlegrounds as it has chests that can be obtained that contain moonstones and soul stones.

This is the route I have went anyway, I have completed 0 quests, killed 0 anything (players, npcs) and earned zero prestige in ssp. I have completed 0 grand market square raid quests. I originally ignored both of these do to the horrid optimization. I later decided moonstones was going to be to big of a hurdle to progression so I reevaluated my stance on ssp, on my way to base to pick up my very first quest I am killed by a hacker that is still present and killing hundreds daily. Despite being reported by a large percentage of the DOMINANT faction, he yet remains speed hacking and killing before you know he is even there (every single day I see his name in faction with people complaining).

When I was killed I was forced to decide if it was time to move on from bns or just quit ssp for good. I picked quiting ssp.
When I was farmed in 6 v 6 by a hacking bd and fm tandem, I was once again forced to decide if bns is worth it. I find 6 v 6 to be fun, so after cooling down and waiting a few days I began playing it again. The point I am trying to make is that I WILL NOT be cheated, I do not mind losing because I suck. Being cheated will force me to alter my play style or find a new game to play.

It still shocks me to see people openly acknowledging going to ssp safe bns gold. I for one will not subject myself to being cheated over and over again and especially not in a area as laggy / poorly optimized as that one.

Believe me, you can get by (and do very well) without ever stepping foot in ssp again (as long as you can stomach pve, arena and dailies).