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If you're considering using Air Hitch ...
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I have not heard any reports of anyone successfully using AirHitch lately, though I would be interested to hear from anyone who has.

In case anyone is considering using Air Hitch, you should know that although the company used to have a physical presence in New York where you could walk into an office but apparently the founder fired the staff (or “volunteers” as he calls them), moved to the carribean (to Martinique) and now runs the company himself, over the web. This has resulted in a drastic turn for the worse. Strangely, the company refuses to interact with anyone except through an AOL chat room. If you visit this chat room you will very likely find yourself the target of abusive and argumentative language (see the links below for various chat transcripts.)

The founder of the company (R Segelbaum) has a long-standing habit of behaving extremely rudely towards people trying to ask simple questions. He insists his company is not a company. He insists he is not providing a service, insists he is not in business, and also insists that he has no “customers”. There is no phone number. Since he maintains no physical presence in the US, and does not have a phone, so if you need to talk to a real person you’re out of luck.

The Air Hitch forum is quite long. You should start at the bottom and read your way up for the really eye-opening stuff. Some of it is quite funny, in a rather pathetic sort of way.

If after this you still decide to deal with AirHitch, please do post your results here.

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