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iPhone (or other phone) & prepaid sims
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I’ve searched the forums and the only relevant thread seems to relate to data usage while abroad and discussion seems to have strayed from the original topic

I’ll be in western Europe for 35 days starting in London and working my way down to Rome. I have an iPhone (AT&T) that I have no problem unlocking but I don’t know the procedure for acquiring a prepaid sim once I’m in Europe. Can you walk to any corner drugstore and buy one? Will it work on different countries or will I need one for each? Any recommended companies to buy from? I’ll use the phone mainly for calls home (to the US) and calls to hostels if needed or to make other arrangements.

Additionally, I would love to be able to use data (wifi is not everywhere). Do they sell prepaid data plan sims?

If anyone has done this, I’d appreciate any feedback.


I am leaving from Phoenix, AZ with $5000 for 37 days
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