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Hey there fellow travelers,

My husband is graduating law school in February of 2009, I’m surprising him with a 3 week trip in Europe. My plan is to do Ireland for a week and then take Ryan Air to Lisbon to spend two weeks in Portugal/Spain.

Can anyone suggest an itinerary or some must see places? Also, do you suggest getting some kind of train pass.

Thanks and happy travels.

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I’m going to Portugal/Spain in about a month. I’m basically following the coast from Porto down to Lisbon and Algarve region. Then across to Seville and Granada, up to Madrid and then down to Valencia and then onto Barcelona and onto Pamplona. I think that is taking me about a month or so to do.

It really does depend on what you want to do exactly. Do you want to party all night or are you more inclined to laze on a beach. If you want to party all night, then make sure Lagos is on your agenda.

As far as Train pass – it depends on how old you are. And from what I gather, trains in portugal and spain are inexpensive so there is not a real need for train passes. But thats from information I have received from friends.

Hope that helps somewhat.

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