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My friend and I are backing Europe this winter. I’m from Australia so I don’t own a warm and waterproof jacket suitable for the climate. I was going to buy a jacket here in Aus from a snow/travel store, and the ones I’ve looked at have been about AUD$250 – $400, and considering I’m on a budget this seems a lot. Then, a friend suggested that buying a jacket when I arrive in Europe would be cheaper and the jackets would be better quality anyway. I’m flying into heathrow, staying in south of England for a few days, then heading to France (and then on to backpack for 3 months). Would it be cheaper to get a jacket when I get there, or before I leave?

Also, I was wondering what people here thought of ‘travellers cash’ cards.
My bank suggested (as I’m under 18 so dont have a credit card) that I take my keycard(debit card) and some cash and also a travellers cash card, with which you have a certain amount of money in whichever currency you nominate, and can use it at ATMs all over the world. Anyway has anyone used something like this? Any point?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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I used my debit card mostly. many places don’t even take credit cards I found, except the tourist spots, but many restaraunts didn’t, and I used mostly euro cash. I don’t know what a keycard is, but it sounds the same as a debit card.. so why not just keep the money on your card?

Also I don’t know your bank, but I had Back of America, and was able to withdraw money for free all over Europe with no charges from the ATM’s which was nice…

And the thing with nominating a certain amount of money- is you don’t know what might happen, and right now with the economy a mess, the value of the dollar is all over the place. Just within my month in Europe the value of the Euro dropped like 20-30 cents, and had I taken out all the money here in the USA I would have lost quite a bit… for a while i had way too many euros, and then for a time i never had enough…

I would just do your debit card and take out money as you go… maybe get a second card as backup in case one gets lost or stolen?? ? i’m not sure.. I had a back up credit card, and photocopies of everything, never needed them, except when i couldn’t find my drivers license…

not sure if this is helpful, i suck with financial stuff… but i only ever used cash for everything.. i only put 150 dollars worth on my credit card.. wasn’t widely used… markets, grocery stores, etc. Smile