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The Jews...
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I saw a Jewish guy on TV speaking in Germany yesterday. I think he may have been the Israeli Foreign Minister or something. In any case, it bugged me the way he talked, as if Israel has and always will have the ULTIMATE moral authority, ultimate moral leverage, over the rest of the world, because of the Holocaust. It’s a complicated issue I know, but… I’m not anti-semitic(sigh… no reason to be, at the moment, and in fact I’m much more inclined to sympathize with Israel in the Middle East situation). I’ve heard of "holocaust fatigue", and in fact understand it completely. If you think about it, it’s as if for all of our lifetimes, the holocaust has loomed over our moral conscienceness as an absolute, such an extreme moral imperative that it practically determines or at least has a significant impact on how we see and deal with the world(PRECISELY what happened in Germany yesterday with the opening of the new monument in Berlin, and will continue to happend for Germans FOREVER – even if they weren’t even born then. Is that not a kind of racism?..). It’s like that what’s it called theorem, when if you bring up Hitler in a discussion the discussion automatically comes to an end.

I wrote a grad-level paper about Nietzsche and Heidegger once, and (very)basically said that poetry is an extension of the will to power. In light of that, thinking as I do that with the onset of postmodernism Western Culture more or less died, and that the onset of postmodernism more or less coincides with the end of WWII, could there be a connection? The will to power could take and has taken many forms, from Picasso to Hitler to going out for the night.. But with Jewish moral authority since the Holocaust, it sometimes seems that ANYTHING cultural even suggestive of the will to power has to be snuffed out. And that includes art. As Adorno(a Jew, needless to say) put it(so, dictatorially?): "no poetry after the holocaust."