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JFK-Prague $368.00?!
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(from Frommer’s)

It’s a LOT of Savings, As Polish Airlines Offers Hot Fare Specials
to Central Europe and Russia

Even with the huge boost in air traffic to Eastern Europe and the ex-Soviet Union
since the end of the Cold War a decade ago, air fares to Europe have never
really had the full benefit of the competition that’s pushed down the cost of flying
from the U.S. to London, Paris, Madrid, and elsewhere in Western Europe. But
now that some of the old state-owned dinosaur airlines have been taken over by
new blood and shaken up a bit, we’re starting to see numbers that would be the
pride of any low-fare upstart. The most recent example is LOT Polish Airlines,
which from November 1 through December 10 and again from January 11
through March 31 is offering a round-trip economy fare of $368 not just to
Warsaw but elsewhere in Central Europe (namely Prague and Budapest).
Furthermore, that very same outlay will take you even further east, to Moscow
and St. Petersburg in Russia, the Ukrainian capital Kiev, and Minsk in Belorussia
(now officially referred to as Belarus).

Not bad, you might say, but who the heck would want to visit places like that in
winter? Warsaw, Prague, and Budapest can be surprisingly mild even in the
depth of January, and as for the rest, think of it as part of the romance, dahlink:
wind-swept steppes, snow-frosted onion domes, sleigh rides, and Dr. Zhivago.
So bundle up, already!

By the way, LOT says the booking deadline is October 14, but we wouldn’t be
at all surprised if it were extended later than that. For further details, contact
LOT Polish Airlines at 800/223-0593 or