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Kung Fu Master vs Blade Master

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City: New York, NY, United States
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Hey guys, another one of “these” threads, so I apologize in advance but I found the last one(s) very, very helpful and have basically deduced my class of choice down to two options.

What I’ve learned about these two classes in general:
Great 1v1 presence, where they have high skill cap but extremely high potential
Great solo presence, where they are able to solo kill dungeons/bosses easier than other classes (though still challenging) through cancelled damage through block/counter

These are two things I need in a class, as I tend to find myself playing solo hours after my friends wants more R4PG BNS Gold. Plus, I’ve always loved solo “feats of skill”.

So here we are, the last compare/contrast thread from me.
TL;DR What are the pros and cons of both KFM/BM, and how do they compare against each other?

Any of the melee classes that rely on a block for damage mitigation generally require a good ping, outside of blade master because their block last for like 2 seconds. Even then though it could be damaging. But if you are sitting under 80 ping you should be fine to play almost any class. It’ll just take some time to get adjusted to if you are on the higher end of the ping scale.

BnS’s combat system does not allow your client to attempt to use many conditional abilities until an event is registered on your end. Result is that BnS has a lot less room for *Cheap Blade And Soul Gold *than most MMORPGs (ability queuing for the most part), so it is slightly more latency-sensitive than many others.

Its because the main mitigation abilities require you actually take a hit within a short time frame from .5 seconds to 2 seconds depending on the class. So a high ping can greatly effect your timing. Its not just dodging textiles its about legitimately putting yourself in danger of taking a hit to parry/block.