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Let's Go - Europe '06
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(Disclaimer* – I have not travled to Europe yet!)

Though I am in the planning phase for a EuroTrip, I have found this guidebook to pretty darn useful.

- color maps of major cities ( London, Dublin Belfast,Paris, berlin, munich, florence, venice.. etc)

- easily navigable with outside black ink "tabs" for easy thumbing through cities.

- all the good stuff you need to know for EACH city/country it covers: where to sleep, eat, drink, transportation. Even has good advice for campers. Each suggested place has its rating with thier own special rating scale.

- small maps for each place

- currency rate (at time of print which is late 2005)

- Tells you best time "When To Go" for each city/country

- First few pages give you advice for first timers, what to pack, how to pack, where to buy packs.. etc..

- very cool a map with travel lines that show "Suggested Itineraries" 6 or 8 week length.

- VERY COOL map with railroads that give you the general cost of from point A to B and the time it takes to get there!!! VERY VERY HELPFUL

- LANGUAGE HELPER! at the back it has all the languages you will encounter, the most used sayings like help! and wheres the bathroom, hello, you have nice assets what is your hostel number…. etc…

- THE PRICE! = $14.99! (Due to advertising towards the front & back of the book)


- 2" thick by 7" long, a bit bulky.

- Paper back, news print paper (I question how it will hold up with excessive use)

- a few advertisements towards the front

I went to barnes & nobel to compare guidebooks for All of Europe. I chose this one due to best USEFUL info as well as packable size. There were about 7 other books to compare from. This came out on top for me. Check it out, see it its not true for you!