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London to Budapest in 18 Days
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Hi everyone! I will be leaving for Europe for the first time on Friday (so excited!)

The first 7 weeks I’m there will be spent in Barcelona for a study abroad program. I’ll be doing my Spain sightseeing during this time.

Then I’m off to a tiny town in Sweden for a week of swing dancing, followed by a few days in Stockholm (should I skip this? I don’t know anything about Stockholm other than that’s where I’m flying out of) and a few days in London to meet a friend.

I then have about two and a half weeks before I’m meeting another friend in Budapest. I was planning on taking the Chunnel to Paris and then going from there. I’m on a relatively low budget, planning on staying in hostels and all that sort of thing. I’ll be on my own (20-year-old female), and I’m interested in seeing as much variety as I can. Any thoughts?

I am leaving from Seattle with $4000 for 30 days
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An extended stay in Stockholm might be pricey.
Perhaps you could meander into Strasbourg, Salzberg, Vienna or Munich along the way to Budapest?