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MapleStory - How to Choose Cubes

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Tags: MapleStory
City: Minsk, Belarus

I’m completely new to mass-cubing, so I don’t know anything about specific cubes.
The reboot master craftman’s cubes the Henesys merchant sells are a little shady. I’ve used about 20 by now and it still hasn’t raised any tier. Yes, I know it can only raise up to unique.

If the craftman’s cubes do work, should you still use meister/red/black cubes when raising up to unique pot?

And when you’re just trying to raise from unique-legendary, which of the three above cubes should you use if you had a choice?

Black cubes have the highest tier up rate. What people generally do is use Black Cubes to get to Legendary and then either use Meister or RED cubes until they get 2 good lines. Then they use Black cubes if they want to try for 3 good lines (since you don’t want to lose your good lines you already have to Buy MapleStory Mesos). Unfortunately for bonus pot we are stuck with just bonus pot cubes, which are pretty crappy from personal experience.

master for going from epic to unique
black cube for going from epic to unique or unique to legendary during miracle time

red cube and meister cube for rerolling legendary stats
violet also for rerolling legendary stats

you will never want to use black cube to try to get a good stats because you are better off buying more red cubes or violet
despite of what he said about 2line previously

You either keep your lines or you try to roll for better, using black cube is like trying for both at 10x the cost when you couldve got the same line using only red cube for a fraction of the cost.

also if you noticed that i did not mention anything from no pot to rare or rare to epic its because you should never use pot scroll or cube a rare to epic. you should always use epic scroll on the item. if you dont have the meso for an epic scroll, then u shouldnt have the meso for the cubes either.