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MapleStory: how do you feel about the chanllenge

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Tags: MapleStory
City: Zakopane, Poland
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Ok i want to ask what reboot is supposed to be, what kind of server,a more challenging ? no p2w ? more fun and interaction ?

First i want to talk about Coin shop i’m sure everybody is having trouble to pickup boxes without the pet and how hard will be to get the ring and the other goddies… is that fair ? maybe they could make the shop less coin hungry so everybody would enjoy the event even a casual mapler

Second about the hot time, i’m sure giving a pet in this hot time would be awesome since you will only get one in one char, even a temporary one…

Third the p2w aspect, we already saw ppl saying pets aren’t p2w but most ppl say it because they have a pet.

reboot is a 100% grind server so pet is a must if u want to progress, late in the game you will see how hard it become when your money start to going away because of stars and cubes and u cant grind because theres MapleStory Mesos… offcourse u can do daily boss but again you will only play to kill boss and then close maple ? u cant even sell some drops for a extra income

this is to show everybody the imbalance about the pet in a 100% grind and notrade world and i’m not asking for pets in the cash shop that we can buy with mesos… i’m saying would be smart to give one in a hot time.

Lets be honest here, pets are semi-p2w simply cause if and i mean only IF you was to say buy a pet then buy every pet skill then YES you have your self a auto cure/heal/loot/dispel bot that can auto feed its self…

On that note you can also get the very basic loot pet from hilla thats a rare drop fro 30 days im still a lil picky as to why none of the pets was in the maple reward shop for reboot hope they put them in later.