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MapleStory: Starting the Game

Travelogue Entry
Tags: MapleStory
City: Poland, ME, United States
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Well for starters from lvl 1-120 picking things up with z or a button on a controller are not THAT bad annoying maybe but not that bad, at the lvl of 120 you can fight/challenge hilla….i will say this right now to get it out of the way.

You can fight hilla 2x, on reboot server all bosses have increased drop rates period combine that with the winter buffs that give you 2x drop with upcoming events giving 2x drop you should have a hilla pet in no time over the next few days.

Saying this there is NO class that can not kill hilla at lvl 120, if a under funded palay can kill her in decent time then ANY class can.

Also should be noted that is the absolute only perk in the cash shop atm on reboot server,to make a fuss over it now is kinda weak,we get a 5 hour free pet to give us a taste of pets to make us want to Buy MapleStory Mesos, so going for the free pet is all the more rewarding than you know begging them to give us a freebie.

So in closing we get a starter pet, (5-hours but the thing lasted me for like a freaking day) the chance at a free 30 day pet 2x per day for life till game shuts down, so i see no reason for them to give/need a free pet

but in the future they just might dump off a free perma pet or event pet so there is that slim chance so keep hoping….