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Can you name the brand(s) of beer you drank the most? Growing-up, High School, College, Traveling, etc…

For me, I went thru phases… At the age of 17 & 18, I drank alot of Michelob & Michelob Light.

– I then switched to Canadian beers for about a year, mostly Labbatts Blue & Molson Golden…

– In the US Army, while stationed in Stuttgart and Munchen… I drank Stuttgarter HB, Dinkel Acker, Paulaner, & Hacker-Pschorr…

– While in College (1988 to 1990), I drank mostly Bud & Bud Light when hanging-out with my fellow football buddies. However, I seemed to return to Labbatts Blue when I went home to the Detroit area.

– In the early 1990’s, during my Radio DJ and Bartending days (1991 to 1993), I drank a ton of Bass Ale… Sometimes New Castle or Killian’s Red, etc…

– We seemed to pick-up the pace on the all-night partying with my new group of friends (met them in S. Padre Isle) from 1993 till 1996… We drank Labbatts Blue Light sometimes, but it was mostly Bud Light.

– Since moving to Florida in the Summer of 1996, I have cut-way down on the beer consumption… I still put them back pretty good from time to time, but I do not drink on a regular basis. I drink the beer of the land these days. When in Deutschland, I drink the local brew. When in Canada, ditto.. Here at home, I do not buy much beer, because I have become a red wine drinker for the most part. However, I still like the ocassional English Ale, Canadian Lager, or German bier… Once in a blue moon, I get the urge for Miller Lite… Don’t know why!

Also, there was a brief period (perhaps 3 months), when I got hooked on Guiness Stout – back in the mid-90’s…

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