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Mercat de la Boqueria - Barcelona

Type: Market
Tags: barcelona, food, marketm shops, Spain
City: Barcelona, Spain
Address & Details:

Address: Rambla, 85-89.
Area: Barceloneta
Opening hours: Everyday from 6h to 21h. closed on Sundays

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I think that no other market can compare to La Boqueria in Barcelona. This wonderful place has it all: people bustling about, merchants selling all sorts of things, the smell of fresh food and smiles on everyone’s faces.

You can get almost any fresh product you can think of here. This market has all the regular sections, from meat to poultry, fish to seafood, chocolates and candies, fruits and vegetables, and ham to eggs. Walking through this market is a remarkable experience. Once will learn so much about so many things. You could walk by a stall and not notice that there are ostrich eggs for sale. You may even learn the trick to cooking clams here. Because of Barcelona is a port city, fish and seafood are all over the place here. This is probably one of the best places to buy the freshest and finest seafood around.

If you go to Barcelona for the night life and the fun, at least be sure to stop by this market. People of all ages will enjoy it. If you are ever tired after a long day of walking in the city stop by the market for a fresh fruit drink.

Happy travels.