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Module 4 Meeting in Pamplona
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The Problem of Arranging To Meet people in Pamplona.
Trying to keep to any appointments in Pamplona at fiesta time is a virtual impossibility. Time is not the same during Pamplona as we are used to working back at the office. It is warped and distorted by the booze and the ‘good times’.
You know that you are meant to be outside Bar Txoco at 9.00pm to meet an old college friend, but it is already 9.30pm and you are still in bed! You only got home at 3 in the afternoon after your last assignation, and you can’t blame the rest of the team; you were the one that just wanted to hit the sweaty bars for some post-breakfast drinking. The rest of your mates had reckoned that 16 hours on the piss was enough and had got to bed at a reasonable time….. ‘12 midday’. Fuck it! He wasn’t your best friend at college, and you did see him three years ago at your sisters wedding; admittedly it was your sister he was marrying!
You lie back in bed and realise that you are not going to make the meet. So instead you get up put your shoes on (all the rest of your clothes are where you always leave them… still on your body) and fuck off to Casa Flores for a large beer for Breakfast. The thing is, your long lost friend from college would not have been there anyway, he started chasing some available bit of talent at 7 ‘o’clock and by 9.00pm he was already swapping spit with her in the park! You see all arrangements are doomed to failure.
It is not procrastination that is the thief of time, it is procreation that is partly to blame. A sniff of snatch and your erstwhile mates can go and fuck themselves, you will no doubt catch up with them in the fullness of time. The great secret I discovered in the last few years was to live within the fluidity of the situation. Make all arrangements within very wide parameters, i.e. ‘I will meet you in the gutter opposite Bar Txoco sometime during the hours of darkness over the next three days.’ Then with a bit of luck you should be able to keep all such appointments.