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Hey everyone

I’m not sure if this should go in packing, but none of the other categories seemed appropriate. Anyways, I’m just planning for my trip, but I’m really not sure what I should consider when making my budget. I’ve already got my transport and living figured out. Is there any other huge expenses I should consider?

Another thing: I’m traveling through mostly heavily populated western cities (amsterdam, paris, london, etc.) and a few eastern cities (Krakow, Prague). So taking that into account, How much should I expect to be paying per day? I am will be trying to be as cheap as I can while having an incredible time. I am traveling alone as well. Thanks.

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Not counting city-to-city transport (like a rail pass) I understand 50-60 euros is reasonable. That’s around 72-86 dollars right now with $1.43 to a euro.

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I am leaving from busan, SK with $1000 for 13 days
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